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A new way to experience print news

Phittle Clips is a news management WebApp that let’s readers save news articles and clear cluttered tabs. This way you can quickly and easily find the information when you need it.

  • One membership for all content.
  • Easy login and payment for the information you want.
  • Simple and flexible.
  • Access to human curated content.
  • Ability to save articles for later reading.
  • Reader-funded journalism is beholden to readers, not advertisers.

Phittle for Publishers

Connecting readers with publishers means knowing what content readers need and providing it to them when they need it.

Demo News Site

Experience the ease of purchasing an article using a Phittle plugin on the Phittle demo site..

Publisher's Console

Phittle's Publisher tool for tracking sales, customer habits and retention. Sign-up for Publisher Beta to get your free login.

Reader Console

Reader News Management WebApp for storing content; ensuring readers come back to the publisher website again and again.


More tools created by Phittle to help you get the most out of news on-line.

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Phittle WordPress Plugin

A simple plugin let’s any WordPress Website add a new revenue stream. Don’t use WordPress? We can help you with our API. Email us at and we will get back to you ASAP.

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Phittle Chrome Extension

Quick and simple way to save articles online with two clicks and a convenient way to find them again at a later time. Quick and Easy archiving, saving favorites and sharing with friends and family.

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On-Line News Management with Phittle Clips

An on-line news management system for saving, sharing and shopping for articles on-line. Login with a couple clicks using Facebook, Google or email to quickly access saved news as well as find new articles (coming soon).

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Phittle MobileApp(IOS)

Our Mobile App: Phittle NewsMuse helps readers discover news that other people find interesting as well. Human-curated with only the best and most interesting articles. Convenient swiping helps you pick and skip articles creating a personalized magazine that you can go back to and read at a more convenient time. Full integration with PhittleClips means you can find them on your phone or read the articles on your desktop.

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Turn-Key Solution

Experiment with Phittle console and controls to find the best pricing for your content and readers.

Opportunity to offer input to Phittle on the features you need most.

Complimentary to Beta publishers now; preferential pricing for early-birds later.

So what do you do when a
State's press is rapidly disappearing?

If the cost of free news is freedom of press then is free news really worth it? We at Phittle believe that the only way to guard the freedoms we cherish, is to support those who do their best to keep us informed.

Dedicated to ensuring the liberty of press

Mission Statement

Phittle's mission is to create the tools required for a healthy press and democracy while working in a manner consistent with socially conscious, environmentally responsible, fiscally, politically and legally transparent ideals in the best interests of readers, publishers, employees, share holders and the community at large.

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