Imagine that you could save any article, comment on it and share it with friends. That’s PhittleClips.

PhittleClips is your news management system. It let’s you save, share and shop for news, made because we were frustrated with the process of saving links and trying to find articles at a later time.

In MyClips section you can save an article online for later viewing.


In MyArticles, is the area that website with Phittle Plugin save your purchased article automatically..


PhittleClips let’s you comment, rate and share that article with others.

MyArticle Detail

You read from many news sources to be a well rounded and informed citizen. We respect that and we give you that power to do so. We also make it easy by giving you ability to login with Facebook, Google or email.

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We also have a Publisher Plugin to make easy to sell articles with micropayment or subscription.

We also have an easy to add Chrome Extension to send articles to your MyURLs quickly and easily.

Phittle Plugin