Simple Phittle Plugin for WordPress

People stream to your site to read and view your original content every day. Your content adds value to their life. Phittle Plugin allows them to add value to yours without devaluing the experience. Monetize your content with the Phittle Plugin. Make it easy to purchase your original content by adding the Phittle plugin, set price and we will send you a payment.


  1.  Install the Plugin using the WordPress directory.
  2. Contact us for an account creation and we will send you the access keys.
  3. Go to the Phittle Setting page in WordPress and enter the access details.
  4. Use this image to guide yourself.
  1. Phittle Settings

    Phittle Settings


How to Use The Phittle Plugin.

Create a new or edit an old post.  Bellow the post text field there will be a new panel named “Phittle Article Settings”

Phittle Article Settings

Phittle Article Settings

Field Definitions:

  1. Free -> The article will be accessible to anyone with a click on the link, no restrictions.
  2. Registered -> The article will be accessible to those who register into your site using  Phittle. No payment required. This allows you readers to save articles and for you to know what articles readers read.
  3. Paid -> Use for premium content. Only registered users who buy or previously bought the article will be able to read it.
  4. Type -> Choose between Articles / Files / Media.
  5. Genre -> Choose a genre that best fit the article type.
  6. Credits -> The value of your article, what will have to be paid. One credit=one cent.
  7. Shares -> Allows the user to share the article.  (Not in use yet)
  8. Status -> Enable/Disable Phittle integration for the article. Use this if your article becomes too popular and you want to free up the article.
  9. Phittle ID -> This is a unique Article ID in the Phittle ecosystem. It is there to verify that settings are synced.


We use secure Braintree and Paypal for payment processing. This makes the payments cost effective and secure. You can print out the invoice by going to the publisher console. We will send the payment every two weeks when the invoice is greater than $100.


You can contact us anytime if you have problems with the extension.  You can use the email channel or our website

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